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The Podcast Helping Women

Ditch Their Breast Implants

With Confidence.

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Come hang out with your breastie, Darnah Mercieca, for weekly episodes talking all things explant— with expert interviews, conversations with women who have been through it, and plenty of tips for your explant journey. 

Covering both pre and post-op topics from capsules to confidence, so whether you're just starting to do your research or you're an explant warrior in healing, you're in the right place!

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Dear Breastie,

Want your question answered on the podcast?

Yes? Great! Write in your question to be featured on the Dear Breastie segment of the Empowered Explant podcast.

Wondering what you can ask? No topic is off limits!

Explanting affects all aspects of your life, so whether you have fears about surgery, curiosity about recovery, questions around healing, confidence, nutrition, exercise, detox, scars, sex, relationships... I got you. 

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